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Coming together is beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.

Henry Ford’s saying can aptly be called the glimpse of my stay at LBSIM. I came with more than two years of work experience behind me, where, I have worked in a 24X7 project with client outages ranging from anything between two to twenty hours. This experience taught me perseverance, handling pressure and working in a team, apart from resource management.

After that came the opportunity to associate myself with LBSIM. Among others, the major highlight of my stay here is the ANNUAL OUTREACH PROGRAMME, where, starting from the selection interviews to the last day of visits, every passing day came as a new lesson for me. The training sessions, calling and convincing people and finally meeting them, gave me a new lease of enthusiasm every time.

The closure of Outreach brought a void in my life, and made me think, what next, and then came the Summer Internship cell, where I can exercise all that I have learnt through the varied experiences of my life.

As a member of the Summer Internship Cell, I would work as a cohesive team player, set ambitious goals to reach maximum companies offering potential internships to the students. And get them placed in the best possible time frame.

Would like to end on the note stating that I have done well whenever responsibilities are rendered upon me throughout my academic career and work life, and this opportunity if bestowed, will be fulfilled with all my strength.