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The feeling of success will be always a great feeling. Knowledge is the key feature and base of everything and anything in this complex, digital and highly competitive world. But, what about the security, of this digital world? Everything can be exploited somehow. So to survive in this type of world, a part of Information Security / Cyber Security is something that I would really aim for. I completely agree that intensive study with comprehensive research and development work in this Information Security / Cyber Security field would put me on a right way to achieve my desired ambitions. This is the reason that, I intend to undertake my graduate studies at the University Of Essex to focus on Information Security / Cyber Security filed and its research area. My undergraduate studies in Information Science and Engineering, shows why I am very keen for my higher studies in this particular field.

I have always been a part of a security field from my high school level. That is the reason that I continued to take interest in that field and I completed my undergraduate in Information Science and Engineering. During my early times in school, I was introduced to “BASIC” language and also introduced that how a computer can be used for hardware and software level programming. Since then, I took so much interest in computers, programming and its flaws and also why there is a need of security. After I entered in undergraduate college, I was introduced language “C” and “HTML”. In my first year of college I demonstrated a paper presentation on “Virus Technology”. In my 2nd year I presented a seminar on “Honeypot and Honeynet System Approach”.In last year of my undergraduate studies I presented technical white paper on “Instruction Detection System & Need of A Cyber Security”. Also in the same year I created a Web Development Project made in PHP named “Time-Pad – Your Schedule Manager”.

Consequently, I was always ready to take part in...