Career Development Plan: Performance and Career Management

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Career Development Plan Part Three: Performance and Career Management

Performance Evaluation

All employees will be required to take part in a performance evaluation using the attached Performance Appraisal form. These evaluations will be given each quarter and will be accompanied by team meetings to ensure that the sales team is meeting their goals. Evaluations will be based on accountability, conflict resolution, job knowledge, work quality, project management, interpersonal skills, sales goals, assignment completion and ethics. Each sales team member will be required to meet with the sales supervisor to develop individual goals in relation to the scope of work at hand. These goals will be written and filed in the employee file for future reference.

Promotion and Education Opportunity

Team members are required to enhance their skills through continued education and advanced training. Training will be mandatory as a requirement for the sales position; this will keep the employment base up to date on new technology and industry standards as they develop. There will also be a tuition reimbursement program that will be established on a quarterly basis for employees who are looking to actively enhance their skills with additional training and education. This reimbursement program will be based on quarterly budget allowances and management approval. Employees who take advantage of the tuition reimbursement will be required to sign a contract that states that they agree to remain in the employment of InterClean Inc. for no less than three years upon the programs completion. If the employee breaks the contract then they will be required to reimburse InterClean for all paid tuition.


InterClean understands the importance of family; in response to this understanding there will be an opportunity to participate in a flex time schedule. Under flex time it must be understood that team members must be available during specific core hours based on the...