Career Development Plan Part Ii

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Career Development Plan-Part II

Robert Loggia

University of Phoenix


July 29, 2010

Career Development Plan-Part II

InterClean and EnviroTech merged to form one corporation. Workplace training is the next step in the career development plan. The new sales team is comprised of staff from both companies and the new department is taking a different approach to sales. InterClean offers cleaning supplies, and now complete cleaning solutions for our customers including turnkey services and training. Because of the new training for our sales staff, we are positioning our company to move into the next level of complete sanitation programs and become an industry leader.

Today, training trends are focused on internet and virtual classrooms. Large companies with operations all over the country or the world can meet directly, through web-based interaction. InterClean will spend about 25% of the payroll budget in the first year on training because of the new products and services, after the first year, InterClean will spend about 4% annually on training. Most of that training is web-based.

InterClean is spending more on training than typical American companies. Most American training programs are inadequate because they do not spend enough on training. Typically, American companies spend about 1.2% of their payroll budget on training. The American Society for Training and Development recommends spending at least 2% of the payroll budget on training (Cascio, 2005).

Four levels of training must be addressed for the InterClean sales representatives. The company has strategic goals that must be met. An organizational analysis must be done to determine what type of training is necessary to achieve the company goals. A Worker Demographics is another analysis that is important. Employee demographics are important to find out if any employee needs additional training specific to demographics is needed to help the team achieve company goals. The third analysis...