The Case Study Analysis

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The Case Study Analysis

Valerie Grier

Comm. /215

January 26, 2011

Richard Whitesel

Carl’s hiring of the trainees for the ABC incorporated Campus Newspaper orientation deadline for the start up date.

Carl Robins works for the ABC incorporated campus news paper. He has been employed with the company for only six months. He had to hire 15 new trainees for Monica Carrols, who was the Operations Supervisor. These 15 training position consisted of one Assistance Supervisor, one General Manager, three Reporters, and three Journalists, need two Executive Speechwriter, two Administrative Clerks, one Editor, and two Customer Engineering Technical camera men. All trainees had to submit resumes and completed application, physical examination, drug test, and a criminal background check.

On May 15, Monica contacted Carl about the trainee schedule, orientation, manuals, policy booklets, physical, drug test, and a host of other issues. Carl ensured Monica that everything would be done and arranged in time. Mean while, Carl schedule for the new trainees to start orientation on June 15. He contacted Joe, from technology services and asked him to set up the computer terminals for the new trainees’ orientation class that will take place on June 15. Carl thought he had everything under control.

I notice Carl ran behind schedule because of the lack of experience he had for recruiting for newspaper personnel. His basic recruiting skills came from recruiting general office personnel. Carl did not give himself enough time to train 15 new hires, so they could be working by July. Carl was looking for the trainees to be working in full capacity within two weeks. Carl should have made a thorough examination of all application, physical examination reports, and he only received 13 resumes. One of the mandatory tests, which were the drug screening test, was not given to any of the trainees. Carl assumed all these documents were done. After Carl realized he could not finalize the...