Case Study Analysis

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Case Study Analysis

Strategies for recruiting talented employees for any organization are as critical as they are challenging. Hiring the right employee for the right position always benefits an organization through productivity, a positive work environment and loyal employment relationships.


In early April, ABC, Inc. sought out to hire 15 new trainees. Carl Robins the ABC, Inc. campus recruiter with only six months experience, and this was his first recruiting and hiring effort as the campus recruiter, hired the 15 trainees. These 15 new hires would ultimately work for the ABC Operations Supervisor, Monica Carrolls. Knowing that prior to the new hires first day of employment, there were steps and procedures that needed to take place, Carl scheduled a company orientation for June 15, to ensure the new hires to be working by July.

May 15, Monica inquired on the status of the new hires raising concerns weather the hiring process would be completed on schedule. Carl reassured her that the process would be complete and the new hires would be ready by the previously set date of June 15th.

Sometime after Memorial Day, Carl began reviewing files in preparation for the June 15, orientation. While reviewing the files for the new hires, he realized that some of the paperwork was incomplete and none of them had been scheduled for the mandatory company drug screening. Carl, in an attempt to remain focused and motivated searched for the company orientation manuals only to find that not only were there not a sufficient amount for all 15 new hires, but also they were incomplete with missing pages. Upon regaining his whits from the frustration of the incomplete files and orientation manuals, Carl then went to recon the orientation room only to discover that it was already reserved for the entire month of June for implementation seminars.


• Carl Robins, although qualified, lacked the experience needed to accomplish the task from beginning...