Case Study Analysis

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Case Study Analysis

BUS600: Management Communications with Technology Tools

Case Study Analysis

In the business world, one of the main objectives of the owner is to remain in business. For restaurant owners, staying in business mean providing service that keeps customers coming back. Restaurant owners sometimes have several locations locally or around the world, in which they depend on managers to run the operations. This may require managers to handle customer service issues. When dealing with customer service issues, it is important for the manager and customer communication to be understood between both parties in order to resolve the issue.

In case study 9:1, the manager of Olive Garden Restaurant Division received a nonverbal communication from a customer. Nonverbal communication is known as communicating by other means other than the using spoken words (Encarta, 2009)

Some forms of nonverbal communication can include, but not limited to movement, eye contact, objects, and tone of voice, and posture. Some forms of nonverbal communication can be in written form such as e-mails, memorandums, or letters. In this case, the customer sent the president of Olive Garden Restaurants, a written communication (letter) in detail describing their experience at one of the food chain’s restaurants. In the letter, you could tell that the customer was very unhappy with his visit.

The customer and his family went to Olive Garden Restaurant for dinner. Upon arriving at Olive Garden, whereas there should have be been an employee with a smiling face waiting to greet them, there was no one in place. The customer had to go to the bar to get someone to come and seat them. The hostess demonstrated nonverbal communication in which appeared that they did not want anymore customers. The customers were seating in an area that was not only difficult for one of his family members to seat, but also the table was not cleaned off. Even after starting off with a bad...