Global Communications

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This paper will use generic benchmarking research to address issues, problems statements and opportunities identified at Global Communications. Each synopsis will describe how other companies responded to these issues and the subsequent outcomes of these actions.


Communications between employees and management is critical if a company plans to achieve their objectives. Employees who are informed tend to be more aligned with their company’s beliefs, are more motivated to succeed and take pride in their company.

Some of the challenges that Global Communications has encountered in its negotiations with their employees and their employees’ union is the alienation of the employees. Global Communications kept the strategic planning meetings confidential anticipating that the Board would not approve the outsourcing plan so quickly. As a result of poor communication the employees were forced to discover management’s plans to outsource call center activities and lay off employees through the grapevine. This resulted in the employees’ mistrust of management and will likely result in a decline in productivity. This research will be devoted to understanding techniques for improving employee communications & development which have been successfully used by two corporations.

Procter & Gamble

Procter & Gamble has developed a management program called Inspiration Leadership. At P&G the process of Inspiration Leadership begins with each employee and manager and continues under various headings. The first, leadership accountability, requires leaders at all levels to set clear target for their actions and to translate them into specific plans. Another, awareness, is created by internal workshops as well as exposure to external events. A third topic, empowerment, involves such activities as workshops; while boss-subordinate relationships require bosses to consider regularly whether they represent role models for work-life balance, whether they are in touch...