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Is It A Religion?

Or Not?

Douglas Turner

University of Phoenix


I started out in the beginning of this class with an idea for a final project. That idea was to prove that the Freemasons are not a religion. With this thought in my mind I dove into my research closed minded. This was a mistake. With all the resources that I used I believe that I have proven that the Freemasons are a religion by all definitions of the word religion. The method that I used in this paper is one of utilizing Masonic sources for the research. Rather than repeating the attacks of those who have been past critics of the Masons, I will use the books written by Masons who are held in high regard by the official powers of Freemasonry.

One such author is Albert Pike. In Carl H. Claudy's Introduction to Freemasonry there is a quote of Albert Pike. In a footnote, Claudy said the following about him:

“Albert Pike: Born 1809, died 1891. One of the greatest geniuses Free-

masonry has ever known. It is said of him that 'he found Scottish Rite

Masonry in a hovel and left it in a palace.' He was a mystic, a symbolist,

and teacher of the hidden truths of Freemasonry. To him the world of

Freemasonry owes a debt of incalculable size. Poet, Freemason, philosopher,

his genius had a profound effect upon the craft in general, and the Ancient

and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry in particular.”1

Albert Pike's book, Morals and Dogma, considered to be his greatest work, is a major source for this paper.

A second source for the paper is the book, Symbolism or Mystic Masonry, by J.D. Buck M.D.. Buck depends on Pike as a major source of his writing. His book has the advantage of being more clear and considerably shorter that Pike's

Other sources are the writings of Albert G Mackey. He was a Thirty-Second Degree Mason and a past General Grand High Priest of the General Grand Chapter of the United States. He was a prolific author whose many...