Career Development Plan Part Iii-Performance and Career Management

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HRM/531 Human Capital Management

October 25, 2010

Cassandra Molavrh

Performance and Career Management Program

InterClean continues to offer career management for new employees. During this weeks career expansion plan I will address how to provide feedback to staff, how to help staff reach an advanced level of performance. Help with promotions and educational opportunities accessible to enhance skills, flexible opportunity for dual career parents. Help adjustment the diversity of the group, along with justification of why the report will work. Providing feedback is the most familiar way improves on staff performance. Performance management has been around an extended time equally with the public and private sector all through the world. Performance management is also referred to as performance-based management, performance-oriented management, results-based management, or management by results. Performance management appears to be a component of an internationally emerging trend in which competition is creating an international market base in which performance is equally an enabler and a driver (Kim, 2009).


Feedback is essential to give the employee an idea in which he or she stands as well as areas the employee can improve on. Appraisals are normally prepared annually. To be more competent individual appraisals prepared quarterly to obtain the most out of employee performance, and feedback. Feedback gives the manager the opening to discuss performance appraisal with the employee. After obtain feedback employees will have the opening to ask questions and discuss with the manager how to advance in areas.

To assist employees accomplish a higher level of performance managers will place goals with the employee and create objectives in areas in which he or she need development. Managers will offer regular supervision and training to help keep the employee pointed in the correct path. Human resources will plan further training within...