Business Project Proposal: Package-It

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Running head: Business Project Proposal: Package-It

Business Project Proposal: Package-It

Table of Contents

Title Page 1

Table of Contents 2

Executive Summary 3

Mission, Vision, and Guiding Principles 4

Products and Services 4

Organizational Structure 7

Market Competition and Industry Position 7

Information Systems Structure 9

Electronic Business and Commerce components 12

Decision Support Systems Components 13

Security and Ethical Challenges 14

Impacts of Information Systems on the Organization, Department, or Business Process 16

System Implementation Impact 17

Bibliography 18

Executive Summary

Package-It strives to provide big business services, with small business concern for your needs by supporting our customers. Package-It knows your needs, knows our customers and we expect to develop our bond beyond expectations, as a team and as individuals. Our consistency and stability is prevalent throughout our franchise operations, and each of our business partners chooses from our diverse array of services to meet their individual market needs. Package-It is active in our online advertising campaign and we generate awareness among local customers through local advertising. Package-It offers a myriad of products and service to using the latest in shipping and packaging technology. We utilize the latest revolution in the tracking of our parcel packages! Our fully integrated shipping system interacts within the Package-It database worldwide and externally links to our shipping partners. Additionally, Package-It is leading the way into the evolving arena of online auction shipping. Our heralding reviews from our customers contribute greatly to the growth of our repeatable usage rates. Without or radical Decision Support System (DSS) none of this would be possible. However, online activities pose a threat of hackers, cyber attacks, and viruses. Package-It’s is committed to completing all of our customer’s shipping...