Project Proposal Paper

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Project Proposal Paper

Complex events requiring coordination with various parties can be stressful without proper planning. Project management is a concept project managers employ to execute such projects effectively while working within the constraints of time, cost, and performance. An over-run in any area of constraint results in a trade-off of one or both of the other constraints. To demonstrate some of the tools available to project managers to successfully complete a project, the following paragraphs will detail the actions of a fictitious wedding planning company, C&F², as it assists a newly engaged couple plan the wedding of their dreams.

Statement of Need

Boy meets girl, girl meets boy; they fall in love; and the bride wants “their” fairytale wedding. Unfortunately, a first-time bride is blinded by the mere fact that she is getting married and is therefore unable to see every detail that is incorporated into her big day to make it a success. At C&F², our job is to provide our clients with artistic perspective analysis in determining what kind of wedding they want; and specify timelines, deadlines, and goals to be completed in an efficient and timely manner. Our clients benefit from our services which include, but are not limited to: providing reassurance that their weddings are on schedule, within budget, and meet the desired level of quality performance. Our priority is making sure our clients feel at ease knowing that professionals are handling their dreams.

Project Stakeholders

Meeting with our clients face-to-face is the most important step. At the initial meeting, we try to understand the vision they are trying to achieve. As they describe themselves, their interests, and color concepts, C&F² creates and presents custom design options that meet the criterion of the client and determines the estimated budget. The main focus clients are the bride and groom. They are categorized as the “project customers” but we also have to consider...