Project Proposal: Graphic Design

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Project Proposal: Graphic Design

James J Spinelli

IT236 Intro to Web Design I

Project Proposal: Graphic Design

There will not be any media or plug-ins required on the website. This e-commerce site will use photos so that the user can see what kind of product they will be purchasing. It will have thumbnails in the description of each product and the user will be able to click on the thumbnail so that it can be enlarged so that the user can see the product detail.

Since all of the products that I will be offering on my site are handmade and unique items, the content will be written and described by me. The photos that will be included in the site will be taken by me so there will be no problems with copyright restrictions.

When in the planning stages of the website, I will be cognizant of the fact that my site should be able to grow as the business grows. It will be able to be revised at a moment’s notice. will be able to keep updated content on the site to keep my users interested and keep them coming back. Navigation on the site will be easy to use and the site will contain content relevant to brides and weddings. I would like to use CSS on the site so that when the site becomes larger, it will be easy for me to change the whole site at one time, instead of changing each page one at a time. If the website is not easy to navigate through, its users will go elsewhere to find a site that is easy to use. Usability also will make the users be more trusting to purchase from the site. If users are more trusting, that can be more revenue for me because they will most certainly let others know how easy it was to use the site.