Human Resource Management Roles Paper

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Human Resource Management Roles Paper

The role of Human Resource management in healthcare is to improve the quality care and to help improve healthcare delivery in a healthcare facility. The HR department is readily available and understands what healthcare is from a payers, physician, consumer, and employee’s perspective. This department is set out to plan and organize the functionality for the healthcare facility. The human resources department is available to work with individuals in the organization to ensure the organization is successful and to make sure all employees knows their role within the facility.

One of the most important functional roles for an human resources department would be to create job descriptions and to ensure they hire the most qualified candidates are hired for the positions that are open within the facility. The human resource department would need to work closely with these candidates to ensure that they have the right training for the duties the new hire will perform during they normal working shift. The department would also need to follow up with the employee during their first year of employment to ensure they are fulfilling their duties for the job position. (Gomez-Mejia, Balkin, & Cardy, 2010) Human resources also need to establish job performance standards to define the level of work required from employees to either meet or exceed job expectations. When employee annual reviews come around, human resource managers will compare the employee’s performance to the performance standards that have been set into place. Motivating employees through a rewards program based off of their job performance would also be a functional role of the HR department. These rewards can consist of end of the year bonuses, gift certificates, raises in salary, or extra time during breaks/flexible working hours. This would help keep good staff retention and keep all the employees happy with the facility. (Michael & Harold, 2003)

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