Islam Homework Modules

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Homework Assignments

Module 3

1. Discuss the sources of Islamic law.

Islamic law was not developed from government decrees or judge decisions, but constitutes for a good a society. The Sharia is the source of law and moral guidelines. The goal of Islamic law is to clearly define a law and create uniformity. In doing this Muslims would be able to submit to and carry out God’s law (Esposito, 74-75). . Although, Islamic law is essentially religious, its jurisprudence recognizes four official sources such as the Qur’an, the Sunna of the Prophet, analogical reasoning and consensus of the community and subsidiary sources (78-84). The Qu’ran is the primary sourcebook for Islamic law providing moral guidance. Its Islamic principles replaced, modified and/or supplemented the earlier tribal laws by condemning practices such as adultery, fornication, theft and etc. (78-79). A complementary source of law to the Qu’ran is the Sunna of the Prophet because it concretes and interprets the Qur’an’s principles and values. The interpretations are expressed in the illustrations of the Prophet Muhammad’s prophetic deeds and recognition of preserved traditions (80). One subsidiary source of Islamic law is analogical reasoning and was used when there was no clear rule indicated in text or general consensus. Scholars sought out similar cases or situations from the Qur’an and the Sunna and would often seek the cause and effect behind the Sharia rule (82). Furthermore, consensus of the community is used as the fourth source of law. Although, the consensus started as a majority opinion, it began to become pivotal to the development of Islamic law and contributed to the corpus of law and a fixed body of laws. The subsidiary principles that influenced law include public interest, custom, jurist preference or equity. This allowed for human input in legal interpretations and was expresses through law schools (82-84).

2. Discuss the role of the family in Islam.

The role of...