At&T Swot Analysis

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AT&T Wireless Financial Analysis

AT&T has been a growing company for more than a century. Their mission is to connect people with their world; everywhere they live and work, and do it better than anyone else (AT&T website). Careful analysis of the organization’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats will provide a forecast of the likeliness of the company living up to their mission. Looking at the organizations past and current performance it would be difficult to say if the company can and will live up to such an ambitious mission and whether investing in this company is a sound decision.

SWOT Analysis


AT&T has many strengths that have made placed it number 12 in the Fortune 500 ranking. Its strengths include managing the nation’s largest Wi-Fi network and having a broad portfolio of complementary products and services that include but are not limited to wireless communication, long-distance services, telecommunications equipment, and video services. AT&T also offers wireless data coverage in more countries than any U.S. carrier, providing service in more than 200 countries.


For as many strengths as this company may have it is not free of weaknesses like any other company. One of the AT&T’s biggest weaknesses is low customer satisfaction, mainly due to the congested wireless services which prevent customers from getting service when they need it. Their bad reputation for service results in less customers. Furthermore, losing the exclusivity of the iPhone to Sprint has resulted in increasingly more competitive packages in the market.


There are many opportunities available for growth and improvement for AT&T. The most valuable opportunity is the merge with T-Mobile. Another opportunity for growth is to reconsolidate a partnership with Apple iPhone products exclusivity. The company will enjoy higher customer satisfaction and their customer loyalty by providing less congested wireless services and...