Workforce Planning

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Workforce Planning for “The Organisation”

Workforce planning Introduction

Workforce planning has a variety of advantages for the organisation, by allowing the organisation to make a more efficient use of resources by being able to plan ahead. Employees are becoming harder and harder to replace throughout an organisation. This may be contributed from the employees having more specialized skills, and training and development of new employees is more costly.

Throughout the workforce plan of the organisation, there needs to be identification of areas where shortages will be occurring. The workforce plan will allow provide an action plan that will assist in the reduction of these shortages and hopefully prevent the impact of these changes.

“….workforce planning is to allow the organisation to take advantage of its opportunities because it has the type of workforce that enables it to do so.”

Many of the jobs that the organisation carries out on a daily basis are the foundation for the organizations workforce plan, so it is critical that the job analysis, and design are current and accurate. This enables the organisation to align the current workforce as well as allowing the organisation to identify and forecast what its needs may be in the future.

Workforce planning is critical throughout the organisation by way of identifying what may be adjusted, aligned with strategic and operational planning to complement

* Career development – are the right people in the right position, does the organisation have enough employees for that position to allow progression

* Performance management – the organisation needs to have a consistent accessability of suited employees and be able to develop as well as improve each of the employees contribution, this may also be identifying the employee potential to allow positive direction throughout the planning process

* Work - life Balance – the employees throughout the organisation need to remain valued by...