Marketing Plan of Maggi

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Marketing Plan


Maggi Magic Sarap

(All-in-One Seasoning)


Maggi Magic Sarap is the market leader in the all-in-one seasoning industry. They have been consistently positioned at the top because of the customer who patronize the product , despite the presence of other brands.

To improve quality by having a NAPA seal , to increase distribution levels so that everyone can buy maggi anywhere, and to maintain the highest advertising share is the purpose of this plan.

Current Situation:

2012 Share of Market ---------------------------- 59% in the food seasoning industry

Sales Volume -------------------------------------- increased from the previous year

Profit -------------------------------------------------- increased in profit

Brand Awareness ---------------------------------- 71% ( UAI Survey) , Maggi’s shares in the market

Product: Maggi has the same grams with other competitors.

Price: Much lower than other competitors but much higher than Knorr when it comes to pricing.

Promotion: They don’t have any regular promotions like discounts, raffle or other promotional strategy to increase the sales but the sales is still increasing, because of their highest advertising share.

Place: The consumer can buy the product in any Supermarkets, Grocery Stores or even in Sari-Sari Stores.


When it comes to all-in-one seasoning, Maggi was positioned as the top all-in-one seasoning mix in the industry. Even though there are many competitors in the maket, they still maintain their position, because of their highest advertising share. The price of Maggi is same as the price of other brands but much higher than Knorr. We will maintain this pricing so that consumer will still afford our product. Maggi doesn’t have a regular promotions because they already have their advertising in tvs, the advertising strategy of Maggi help them to increase their sales. It is well-distributed in all supermarkets,...