Human Resource Management

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Instructions: Please type your answers in the spaces below. The improvements form should not exceed one page. Print out this sheet and affix it to the front page of the second submission. You must also include the grading rubric from the first assignment, as well as the first draft submission. If you do not have the original assignment and grading rubric affixed to this document, you will get a 0 on your second draft.



Name: Shreya Pandey

Student ID: k0851406

Grade on first submission: 51

Briefly summarize the three areas that you were asked to improve upon.

1. | Better understanding of the three provided resource is required |

2. | Clean up the referencing flaws |

3. | Build a more clear introduction to indicate the objective clearly and the road map |

Briefly identify how you have improved upon each of the three areas.

1. | Re-read the three resources and jotted down points which would additionally prove useful to my previous report. Further analysis of the points was conducted, in order to narrow down to the meaning & purpose of the resources provided. |

2. | The referencing flaws were minute which were rectified with the help of the referencing document given by the professor. |

3. | The introduction was changed accordingly so as to give a clearer picture about the assignment and the flow of the report. |

Were there any other improvements that you made? If so, what were they? How did you make the improvements?

* Apart from the areas asked to improve upon, I did not make any changes myself.

Do you think that re-writing this assignment helped you in understanding how to write an academic style paper? Why or why not?

* Re-writing the assignment definitely helped me in understanding how to write and academic style paper. Writing an academic style paper makes you critically evaluate the resources given to you. It presents the reader with an informed argument. Academic...