Human Resource Management

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Executive Summary

With passage of time every organization needs regular tuning up and performance check in order to give better performance and sparkle in the industry amongst its competitors. Matrix Fashion overall performance was seen going downstream with change of management in 2005. Myself, being the new Human Resource Manager, need to understand the challenges which the organization is facing in regards with the workforce. Designing a new recruitment and selection process to give the organisation best talent available and conduction new training and development program for a better performing workforce. Also look at the same time the challenges due to this new strategy and how this strategy could be a solution to the problem.


Matrix Fashion is a multi-billion pound company with its presence in more than 33 countries. Designing apparels, footwear, cosmetics and accessories of fashion for all ages in best quality at best price. It has got values which drive them to be simple, with commercial mindset, entrepreneurship, cost and improvement consciousness. Matrix Fashion understands its changing customer needs in this highly competitive market of globalisation where improved performance by being innovative in products, improving quality, reducing cost and high productivity is the key to success in this industry.


Recruitment and Selection process and Training and Development process is considered to be the most painful and hectic job in an organization as the process is blamed if the workforce inst performing well as seen in Matrix Fashion's case. While studying recruitment and selection process I see that the importance and use to this process has increased since 1980s (Searle, 2003). According to Legge, (1995) the process used by organizations have become more sophisticated due to the change in the HR system. Hence, close monitoring without leaving any room for negligence is essential for better outcomes which we see ahead....