Swot Analysis of Pfizer

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* Pfizer markets various products and services for people and animals. Pfizer manufactures and sells various generic and patent pharmaceutical products for patients and animals. Pfizer main business is biopharmaceutical but has diversified businesses which include animal health, consumer healthcare, and nutrition.

* Pfizer Animal Health (PAH) has a broad portfolio that includes many of the world's leading veterinary brands in pharmaceuticals and biological and a growing range of services for veterinarians and livestock producers that complements and enhances the veterinary care their animals receive. PAH develops and sells products for the prevention and treatment of livestock and companion animals. PAH contributed $ 3.5 billion of revenues, while operating majorly in Canada, US, New Zealand, Australia and Brazil, and European and Asian countries. PAH unit’s revenue increased by 29% in 2010 compared to 2009.

Pfizer Consumer Healthcare (PCH) is among the largest over-the-counter (OTC) health care product companies in the world, with two of the top 10 global OTC brands: Advil and Centrum. In 2010, PCH achieved sales of approximately $2.8 billion, while operating globally in more than 85 countries. The PCH unit holds strong positions in various geographic markets with its highest revenue volume in the U.S., Canada, People’s Republic of China, Italy, Germany, Brazil and Australia. Major categories and product line includes dietary supplements (brands centrum and caltrate), pain management (advil and thermacare ), respiratory and personal care (chapstick & preparation H).

The Nutrition business has a portfolio of products available in more than 80 countries, including a full line of infant formulas, follow-on formulas, growing-up milks, and prenatal and adult supplements. The Pfizer Nutrition (PN) business targets age-specific and specialty products. As part of Pfizer, Nutrition continues to have enhanced opportunities to grow in new and existing...