Business Success Through Effective Human Resource Management

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Ensure the success of your business through effective human resource strategies’

Can you imagine the greatest achievement over the last century. The Internet? Humans landing on the moon? Shopping from the comfort of your home? Human habitation in unimaginable settlements? The possibilities can only be limited by our own imagination. All these technological achievements have one common factor: Organisations. Organisations play central part in our everyday lives, ranging from the water we drink to the food we eat. In future, our era of creating organisations will be viewed by historians as some of our greatest achievement. It is genius to have millions of people with different skills and interests, from different backgrounds coordinating in various undertaking to achieve a common goal. People are common component of all social organisations because they create organisational objectives, innovations and the successes for which organisations are praised (Gröschl, 2011). Therefore people are key resource, just like land and capital, in any organisation (Armstrong and Redmond, 2011). Without people, organisations would not exist.

Strategic Human Resource Management, according to Foot and Hook (2005), provides an all-inclusive framework for which all the people management practises is applied in order to achieve the organisational objectives. Strategic Human Resource Management takes into account the  organisational goals in the intended general direction so as to be able to achieve its objectives. The fact that intellectual capital is a key source of competition for organisations, and the fact that it is people that implement the organisational strategic plans, many scholars have argued that managers must take the two factors into consideration when developing organisational strategic plan (Gröschl, 2011).

Foot and Hook (2005) defines strategic HRM as the process by which Human Resource function is linked with the organisational strategic objectives in order to...