Nokia Swot Analysis

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Nokia SWOT Analysis


Nokia is an industry leader in the telecommunications and electronics industry. Nokia has also demonstrated an incredible ability to adapt to the market, having initially begun in the lumber and rubber industries during the 19th century.


Nokia's weakness may be that it has grown so huge, as the fifth most valuable brand in the world, that it cannot sustain its growth at its current rate.


Nokia's leadership in the area of mobile phones and its versatility open the company up to a wide variety of communications and mobile device possibilities -- markets that are growing throughout the world.


Nokia is facing a number of threats from companies such as Apple, Google, and Research in Motion, all of which are investing heavily in the mobile phone industry in an attempt to gain dominance.

A Porter's 5 forces analysis on Nokia


Nokia was founded over 140 years ago in Finland, and since then has become a global organisation that operates in over 120 countries worldwide. Nokia has also become a market leader in the mobile telecommunications industry and is most known for their mobile phones and Smartphone’s. Although recent competition has affected the market share that Nokia has in the telecommunication industry they still hold a strong 29%(2011) of the market share in a forever changing industry

The micro environment is the internal factors that are affected by the customers, staff, shareholders and competitors. The best model for evaluating the micro environment of Nokia is Porter’s 5 forces as this takes into consideration the competitors, customers, suppliers and new entrants.

Threat of new entrants:

•The mobile phone industry is already a well established market and the threat of a new entrant is quite low, as the technology needed to rival the devices already available is quite advance if they want to differentiate from them

•The barriers to entry in the mobile phone industry is high...