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Marketing Plan-Mykolor Paint-Free Essay

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I.Current Market Situation 3

1.Introduction 3

2. Macro environment 3

3.Micro Environment 5

II. SWOT Analysis 7

III. Objectives and segmentation 10

1. Objective 10

2. Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning 10

III. Marketing Mix strategies: 15

1.Product: 15

2. Price: 17


1. Distribution 19

2. Location 19

V. Promotion Strategy 21

Because paint is one kind of shopping products that people would not buy frequently, our company will use both push and pull strategy to attract more customers. 21

1. Advertising 21

2. Sales promotion 22

3. Public Relation 23

VI. Action program 24

VII. Control 26

VIII. References: 27

Executive Summary

Joining into Vietnamese market in 2004, the Mykolor is one of the most famous brand of 4 Oranges corporation that takes 15% market share. Mykolor’s products differ from decorative to glossy paint. However, the main target is on the interior paint with unique design and features, like new waterproof system and the mix of new colors.

Despite the fact that Mykolor just enter into Vietnam market, it has already gained the customer’s awareness over past 4 years. The reason for such success are Mykolor’s distinctive advantages, such as high quality, new technology in mixing colors and creating new design that is suitable for modern lifestyle. Due the high price Mykolor has a selective distribution, focus mainly in big cities: Hanoi, HoChiMinh, Hai Phong and Da Nang. Mykolor has gained the popularity in the customer’s mind, and its future goal is to achieve 17% market share and increase 5% of profit at the end of 2009. In order to increase the customer’s awareness Mykolor has used Push and Pull strategy with promotion tools, like TV advertisements, magazines and E-newspaper. Mykolor converges on market segments which dedicate primarily to high income customers and new...